Natuzzi Editions C176 Amorevole Sofa

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SKU: 18637
ALU: NTZ-C176-3PC-1575-QT

Natuzzi Editions C176 Amorevole sofa has a casual design and welcoming shapes. Thanks to the optional Cubicomfort™ Triple-Motion technology each seat has three independent, electrically-operated motion mechanisms, allowing the person in each seat to adjust the position of the seat cushion, backrest, footrest, and headrest according to their own preferences.

Priced for a 3-pc sofa (Version N50+N38+N52) equipped with electric recliners in 15 Grade Leather (1575 LeMans Seashell).

*QuickTime Program: Amorevole model is stocked in various configurations: sectional, sofa, long sofa, etc and is ready for delivery in 3 weeks in 1575 LeMans Seashell.

**Other versions and covering options are available upon special order. Amorevole collection is available in sofa, loveseat, sectional, and armchair configurations. Refer to schematics for available versions and dimensions.

Dimensions 40 × 106 × 38 in


PLEASE NOTE — We can ONLY deliver to limited areas in Northern CA + Tahoe / Reno areas in NV.  PLEASE SEE DELIVERIES PAGE FOR MORE INFO.