Stunning modern &  contemporary home furniture.

Enjoy modern contemporary home furniture like this fantastic La Scala sofa by Natuzzi Italia.

Furnitalia has the best seat in your house

Welcome to Furnitalia® —
 home of quality contemporary furniture in Sacramento. Your home reflects you, so we want to make your dwelling the best it can be! 

We source the best modern furniture brands, then help choose the options that are perfect just for you. Choose from awesome contemporary styles by Natuzzi (Italia & Editions), Stressless®Alf Italia, BDICattelan Italia, Bontempi, Calligaris, and many others. You’ll be delighted by our huge selection of sophisticated modern furniture that will enhance your home for decades. You have to experience it for yourself. Visit our showroom today! 

What makes the best modern home furniture?


We worked hard to bring you the very best contemporary furniture with state-of-the-art features and lasting quality. It’s not uncommon for most of our items to last 25 years or more with loving care. The standard of quality European furniture lives at Furnitalia.


Don't let the good looks fool you. Beneath these modern styles rest superb comfort. Sadly, we can’t share that experience on a web page. You must try it for yourself. Luckily, our 32K square-foot showroom boasts a huge collection of styles to experience.


Our Italian, Norwegian, and other suppliers are obsessed with developing the best contemporary styles. They argue. They design. They build. They test, and they reject everything that doesn’t achieve perfect modern comfort and practical quality.