Stressless® Stella Sofa S2

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Stressless® Stella Sofa (2.5-seater). Lean back, relax your shoulders, and notice how your whole body lets go. Whether reading the paper, entertaining friends or just closing your eyes and taking some well-deserved time out, a good sofa will make you appreciate this valuable time even more. Stressless® Stella comes with the BalanceAdapt system with a locking function.

Stressless® BalanceAdapt system: soft, gentle rocking motions enhance the feeling of balance and relaxation. The modern and streamlined Stressless® Stella sofa, equipped with BalanceAdapt, is truly unique. It responds to your movements, adjusting the seat as you recline, lean forward, lie down, or put your feet up. When you no longer want the sofa to adjust to your movements simply lock the function to keep the seat stationary. It’s the perfect balance between beauty and function.

Priced for Stressless® Stella sofa with S2 Arm and with 2 optional headrests. Headrests are removable and add 8″ in height to the seat.

Dimensions: 84.5″W x 36.2″D x 30.75″H
Leather: Paloma Silver Grey
Feet Finish: Matte Black



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