Slamp Drusa Suspension Velvet

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Just as light hits the crystals poking out from a rock’s crevices, creating an ever-changing, poetic and multiform kaleidoscope, Drusa’s contemporary take on accentuated angles is softly muted by a central light source, bringing depth and harmony between illumination and shape. Available in both ceiling/applique and suspension versions, Drusa’s diamond feel and chromatic shading makes any space feel fresh and on-trend. The Velvet version’s printed Lentiflex® makes every iridescent, silky piece unique.

SIZE: Ø 23-1/2” x h. 9-3/4”maximum cable length: 55”
COLORS: White, Velvet (this model)
MATERIALS: Lentiflex®
WITH: MagneticSystem®
LIGHT SOURCE: Bulbs E27: 4 X 12W LED Filament

Dimensions 23.5 × 10 in


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