Natuzzi Italia Ilia Reclining Armchair Cold White

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ALU: NTZ-2996-A54-15C1

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Ilia reclining armchair by Natuzzi Italia. Softness, technology, and design are the key features of the Ilia reclining chair. The reassuring wrap-around shape gives a visual impression of comfort, confirmed by the amazing softness of the padding. The electric recliner function is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery to avoid unsightly cables.

As pictured, chair with electric battery recliner function, version A54 (display model).

Dimensions: 34″W × 37-63″D × 44″H

Leather: Grade 15 LeMans 15C1 –  Cold White

Wood Side Panel Finish: Radica Frise FT35

*Ilia armchair is also available via Natuzzi QuickTime program (6 wk lead time) in  Le Mans 1581 leather color & walnut wood finish.
**Even more leather/fabric colors and options are available by Special Order.


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