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a global leader in contemporary style
Maria Cristina Piovesana, Chair and CEO of the ALF Group S.p.A. has been appointed by Carlo Bonomi as Deputy Chair of Confindustria, in charge of Environment, Sustainability and Culture.
Maria Cristina Piovesana, CEO

Since the 1950s

Innovators of superb contemporary style.


Alf Group is one of the most significant international furniture companies working today.

As leaders of highly successful entrepreneurial ventures, Alf Group’s mission is to relentlessly pursue its passion to make the best contemporary products.

Alf Group originated back in the 1950s when a group of highly skilled craftsmen formed a cooperative in Francenigo (Treviso) to develop a line of wooden furniture.

Alf soon became an important industrial leader in fine wood furniture — so much so that the Piovesana brothers purchased the company and invested in new resources. Since the early sixties, Alf has also distinguish itself in the design and construction of bedroom furnishings.

Alf Group’s foresight to anticipate customers’ tastes helped it become a leader in evolving consumer markets, enabling the company to rapidly boost production.

Today, the Alf Group continues to increase its market share of the living furniture by offering cutting-edge services and efficiency delivering fantastic new products.

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