Kindness Makes
A World of Difference.

June 5 - August 3, 2020
In times like these, kindness really counts. And here’s a way you can help the ones who need it the most. If you give a kind donation of $50 or more to charity, we’ll give you hundreds off Stressless® recliners, sofas and office chairs.
Save more than ever before on Stressless®

Donate $50 or more to charity and we’ll give you $500 off Stressless® Wing, $400 off Stressless® Mayfair and $300 off most other Stressless® recliners and ottomans, including Stressless® recliners with Power™ and Stressless® office chairs as appreciation for your donation.*

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Your Donation of $50 or More Saves You $200 on Every Stressless® Sofa Seat*.

Now’s a great time to fill your home with comfort and beauty that will last and last!

Stressless® Emily Sofa.
Stressless® Mary Sofa.

2-seater = $400 of savings
3-seater = $600 of savings
2-seater + 3-seater = $1,000 of savings
3-seater + 3-seater = $1,200 of savings

*With a qualifying purchase. Stressless® Oslo and Stressless® Manhattan sofas not included.

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