Natuzzi Italia Ido Sofa

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ALU: NTZ-2994-372-384-15D3

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Available by custom order


Ido sofa by Natuzzi Italia, designed by the architect Mauro Lipparini, offers a harmonious blend of up-to-date freshness and accurate design. Ido features special flat-felled seamwork, meaning that because the material is folded inwards, the seams are invisible on the outside. Its boxy silhouette give it a distinctively contemporary yet timeless appeal.

The clever combination of the various elements fuses with the light and elegant metal footrests. The Ido system includes a range of optional accessories which accentuate its beauty and act as practical tabletops. With its clean-cut bold lines, its simple soul and careful details, this sofa will draw admiring gazes whether it goes.


Priced for a sofa in vers. 372 + 384 with Le Mans Cat 15 Blue leather and Pewter legs (includes lumbar pillows and connected tables). 


Other versions and covering options available upon special order. Refer to schematics for available versions with dimensions.

Dimensions 149 × 50 × 28 in


PLEASE NOTE — We can ONLY deliver to limited areas in Northern CA + Tahoe / Reno areas in NV.  PLEASE SEE DELIVERIES PAGE FOR MORE INFO.