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Magnigel Pillow by Magniflex

SKU: 9430

Every products by Magniflex, including mattresses, pillows and accessories, are made for relaxing or enjoying life’s little pleasures, choosing environmentally friendly options that respect and safeguard the environment. The company’s relaxation philosophy is inspired by the gently rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside, following the tradition of a region renowned for its inventiveness and quality. Reliability, the quest for wellness and design are the three fundamental features that the company has encapsulated in a symbol which represents the company’s long-lasting passion: the love of sleep. 


Priced for Standard Size Pillow

Covering: Viscose

Internal Structure: Two Layers- Memoform On One Side, Magnigel On the Other

28.4 in × 16.5 in × 4.75 in
In stock
MSRP: $199
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